Catherine Delattre

Catherine Delattre, the owner of Dancing Dog, longed to have an antique shop in the country. So, in 1996, she and her family moved from New York City to their country home in rural Wayne County, Pennsylvania.

In the following year, she began restoration on an old post-and-beam barn on their property, the perfect place for the shop. At the same time, Catherine collected antique American and French country furniture, vintage pottery and yelloware, folk art, linens and other vintage and antique pieces that caught her eye.

One of the first pieces of furniture she found was an early primitive cupboard with original green paint. While cleaning that cupboard, she discovered a card wedged behind one of the shelves. It was a small, old lithograph from a child's deck of playing cards, showing a dancing dog -- an image that became the inspiration for the shop's name and logo.

A few months later, in one of life’s surprising coincidences, a stray beagle stole Catherine's heart when he began to dance for her. Even though she had a dog and two cats, she realized he was already part of her life and she adopted him on the spot.

At first, Catherine thought that customers would not find her shop, but she was soon proven wrong when browsers and buyers began showing up in large numbers. To her delight it provided the opportunity to meet wonderful and interesting people, many of whom became good friends.

Dancing Dog antiques is a shopper’s paradise with wonderful and unusual items at reasonable prices, a mixture of styles from American and French Country with a dash of flavors from the 50s and 60s, as well as vintage industrial items. Catherine enjoys the constant search for cool and unusual objects and loves putting them together in vignettes that reflect her personal style.


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